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Transsexual: 36y (USA) 72.7k visits

23 videos - 101 photos

Hola me llamo Elizabeth Olmos shemale latina de Honduras radico en USA Los Angeles California serca del fwy 101 nor Hollywood exit alvarado y 3th soy versatil 9" en mis videos sale mi numero


Transsexual: 25y (USA) 14k visits

2 videos

Rainy Air

Transsexual: 23y (Russia) 1.1k visits

4 videos


Transsexual: 34y (Mexico)

3 videos - 5 photos

hola soy una chica tv empezando su transicion soy de cdmx


Transsexual: (Colombia) 170.1k visits

114 videos - 5 favs - 218 photos

RAFFLE ♥ I will raffle one of my used thongs + Webcam show among all the followers of my ONLYFANS. the winner takes care of the shipment ♥ RIFA ♥ sorteare una de mis tangas usadas + show Webcam entre todos los seguidores de mi ONLYFANS . ♥


Transsexual: 19y (Brazil) 5.2k visits

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faz um PIX: e tenha mas conteúdo pelo chat . Aparti de 35$ ti mando fts e vídeo sou putinha curto ser uma cachorrinha bem safada afim de roludos , parcerias faLEM AQ CMG BJS !

Kyara Vieira Trans

Transsexual: 33y (Spain) 70.3k visits

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Transsexual: (USA) 24.6k visits

3 videos - 3,271 favs - 34 photos

Ever since I was a Little I knew that I was supposed to be a girl The bad thing could not talk to my parents about it I am a cross-dresser sissy my goal is to be a permanent transsexual PSS seems like a lot of people on here are not serious or they just want to play games not trying to be rude but I’m looking for real people

Elodie French Tgirl

Transsexual: 40y (France) 38.8k visits

6 videos - 9 photos

Coucou! Je m’appelle Elodie, trans mature très coquine qui adore faire plaisir aux hommes et aux femmes. J’ai mes petites techniques pour vous faire passer d’excellents moments très hot. Dispo pour des rendez-vous IRL. Suivez moi sur mon OnlyFans si intéressé par mon profil, vous ne le regretterez pas:) C’est par làaaaa: Bisous et à bientôt! Elo

Ttt 198020

Transsexual: 33y (Egypt) 45.3k visits

34 photos

I sara selem transsexual my old36 years i love sex femdom bdsm open anal fuck me hard


Transsexual: 40y (USA) 46.8k visits

7 videos - 16,494 favs - 6 photos

Fun smooth TRANSSEXUAL always ready to make new clients in the las vegas area if you are in vegas and want to see me hit me up on my eamil at also my kik is TRANSSEXUAL_JILL I stand 5 foot 5 brown eyes dark smooth skin natural 38c cup breast with an nice 7 inch thich secret below always ready to put an smile on generous guys face

Patricia Bacelar

Transsexual: 24y (Brazil) 473.2k visits

14 videos - 65 photos

Bela mulata super apimentada e sempre bronzeada, uma das mais belas trans negras Brasileiras... Morena tropicana novinha , sarada e dotada "completíssima"

Esmeralda Sexxx

Transsexual: 34y (Mexico) 50.2k visits

7 videos - 12 photos

Actriz XXX, Modelo Erótica [PORNSTAR]


Transsexual: 25y (United Kingdom)

3 videos - 10 photos

The Satanic and Filthy TS Amber 666 is filthiest TS Adult Performer right now. All she knows is kink and fetish and has listed Vanilla as something she will try one day, but not anytime soon. As red haired fiery goth styled sex freak, you know when she puts a video out it will be worth watching.

Guilhermina Laileb

Transsexual: 30y (Brazil) 62k visits

34 videos - 94 photos

Me sigam INSTAGRAM follow Instagram @tsguilhermina WHATSAPP (074) 991022042 SKYPE @guilaileb vídeo call money CHAMADA DE VÍDEO (VÍDEO CALL MONEY) PREÇO A COMBINAR NO WHATSAPP OU NO SKYPE Trabalhos ou parcerias entre em contato


Transsexual: 58y (USA) 13.2k visits

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Miih Baby

Transsexual: 22y (Brazil) 99.4k visits

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Transsexual: 25y (Ukraine) 20.8k visits

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Giselle Trans

Transsexual: 27y (Peru) 146.8k visits

11 videos - 8 favs - 4 photos

Giselle bella trans . Brindo servicio a caballeros que les guste el sexo anal y una buena mamada de verga. Soy goloza y aguantadora experta en principiantes. Te espero bb!!!.


Transsexual: 29y (USA) 12.5k visits


Transsexual: 27y (USA) 41.2k visits

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You in Jasmine and I'm looking for someone in the Shreveport area to make a video with. I'm also looking for a sugar daddy too so pm me!


Transsexual: 27y (USA) 28.8k visits

9 videos - 113 photos

IAm a guy with a big ole booty 28 SnapC : ccakes792 Single Head Doctor ✅ Kik: wetwaterfalls13 Twitter:@Chocola98405538 Add and follow me for some freaky fun


Transsexual: 35y (USA) 49.1k visits

4 videos - 10 favs - 23 photos

Hi :) My name is Candace. Kik Candacestone Email: Donations welcome via PayPal I'd like to get into to making adult videos. I'm going to start with myself and then maybe get into directing and producing other transgender actors. Hope you enjoy and look forward to more of my vids and pics :)

Liz Trans 956

Transsexual: 33y (USA) 6.9k visits

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Transsexual: 34y (USA) 14.7k visits

109 photos

Hello, my name is Big Booty Mizuno. I am transitioning into a transgender woman. I really just started to get serious about becoming a flawlessly natural looking woman. I had fun dressing up as a lady in the privacy of my own home for several years, but never in public. I never did much more than wear the clothing e.g. skirts, dresses, tops, shoes w/heels, panties, bras, thongs, pretty socks, knee high socks, stockings/hose, jewelry, etc. I did not ever go further than that e.g. Makeup lipstick, etc, ear piercings, nipple piercings, belly button ring, tounge stud, penis piercings, sexy tatoos, breast implants, ass implants, penis chastities temporary/permanent, long hair styles for girls, or HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Well I've decided to pursue my lifelong childhood dream and become a proud natural looking ladyboy. I'm starting out all natural first though no surgeries or drugs. I am doing exercises specifically to shape/tone my hips, while also toning/building my ass muscles. I have been wearing my dresses and skirts outside. My outfits are always obviously feminine such as bright skirts, girl jeans, tops with cleavage. I do make sure what I'm wearing isn't indecent like a short skirt that isn't long enough to cover your underwear, and your underwear is a fluorescent hot pink g-string thong. I always dress appropriately all bottoms I wear cover my bottom, my skirts are always to the knee (well just above the knee), dresses are worn to my ankles, so if I want to wear thongs, sexy lingerie, panty hose, or no under wear at all I can. My tops are cute and fun with cleavage but only the tops of my breast showing and maybe my bra. The make up was super hard and frustrating at first, but with tips and practice it has become my favorite part. Especially the lipsticks, eyeliner, and eyelash brush to lengthen and darken my already sexy eyelashes into a gorgeous black. I will try doing it all natural for the first year or two, except that I am planning on permanent electro hair removal on my entire body except my head or face obviously, also I'm going to keep my pubic hair but I will have it shaped perfectly so it looks sexy if I shave or if I let it grow out. I might even style it differently when I want LOL. Then I will begin the HRT for several years. After that if I'm not satisfied with my breasts and ass/booty I may consider injections or implants.


Transsexual: 59y (USA) 4k visits

14 videos - 230 photos

Transgender Actress Model, Sub bondage bottom, can give and get golden showers, spankings and kink


Transsexual: 32y (USA) 151.3k visits

20 videos - 18 favs - 150 photos

Hey everyone iam a passable very open minded TRANSEXUAL GODDESS out of TEXAS! Iam in the Adult industry have model few times. I love to get down with CLEAN STD FREE KINKY GUYS. I'am VERSTILE and DOWN for ALOT if I'm comfortable and into you. I love to have fun AND I love To FUCK!!? ENJOY my uploads - TS KATIE KLARK ADD ME ON OR FOLLOW ME ON: TWITTER: texas_ts_katie INSTAGRAM: ts_katie_klark ONLYFANS: tskatieklark FANCENTRO: tskatieklark


Transsexual: 21y (USA) 55.4k visits

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Im a freindly transsexual College student in Connecticut. Im 19. Im going to try hard to bring you the best perverted sex vids and pics because I want to help you get your big fat dick erect, and help you ejaculate all over yourself. I wish I could suck all your pretty cocks, unfortunately I cant. Ill let you pick me up and Ill blow you if youre in the area I love to give sloppy head to random men. I have a fantasy where I want to go into a prison and let all of the big strong ruthless men and sex offenders gangbang me, and subject me to their sick deviant perversions unload their filthy, evil balls up my ass and down my throat. I want to taste their loads of sin and get slapped around and humiliated, pissed on and left nearly drowning to death in a massive pool of all the mens cum, spit sweat and piss to where I'm so cum-glazed in the nasty pretty fuckslime that I cant pry myself off the prison cell floor. I want them to make me leave naked and obscenely drenched in babygoo as I walk away in public to ask for a phone.. I want people to see me as the sluttiest sight they ever saw, I want to feel stupid. I have "daddy issues" .I need to be abused and.degraded sexually, physically and verbally. Feel free to leave comments saying anything you want to me, you can be horribly disgustingly rude I am new here and trying to make friends and build a huge collection of pics of cocks and boys and cum and transsexuals. I also advise that ALL straight men watch Sissy-Hypno, I challenge men to watch it for a week non-stop, or are you too scared of becoming attracted to things your masculine ego and our society repressed in you? Try it and see. WARNING FOR THE PRUDENT MINDED: Im a horny and very sexually twisted bratty little baby gurl. I like to write my fantasies explicitly.Im a very sexual person. Im the most sexually open- minded and non- judgmental gurl you can meet. I love you for your sexual attractions, and I adore and admire all of your peversions. I believe everyone should just be bisexual and should fuck eachother. Orgies everywhere with everyone. Families all sleeping in one big fuckbed.I LOVE ALL GAY PEOPLE, MALES AND FEMALES LGBTQ! I need men and women to babysit me sexually and make me be their stupid fucktoy. I like to talk babyish about sex sometimes. I need a big strong man to own me. I want men to try sucking my hairless sissy-pee-pee. Most men, nine times out of ten end up sucking my sissycock and enjoy it intensely. Guys, just try sucking a cock, no one has to know, and i know men wonder what its like to suck a cock, its normal human nature, just repressed by societys standards and stigmas surrounding the male image and ego. Its all a manmade illusion, think freely, give yourself permission to explore the naughty unknown. You'll thank yourself for being real. I want to have sleepovers with couples and be byour submissive fucktoy. I'll fuck your husbands buttpussy and make his tube of sexmeat boune and wag until it gets stiffer and his boner pokes straight up with my sissyfag cock up his ass. I WILL do sexual things of ANY nature with you if I get to know you a bit. I like to submit to old men, I think its sexy to let them do perverted things to me. love all sex acts known to man, just about. I want to meet the sickest most twisted diabolical perverts I want to like each others pages and share filthy sex pics/vids with each other .AND I WANT TO SEE YOUR DICKS So I can praise their beauty and touch my swollen cock in my panties. Ill even write you cock-poetry about how prettyful your big fat COCK is. Please show it to me, I love obsessing over dicks, especially sexy dicks of men and sissy-gurls I dont know. Just staring at the naked dick, right in my face, making me touch myself and making my mouth water. 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Like a little ardvarks snout. How is that not just down right adorably amazingly cute? I remember it hanging obscenely staring me in the face when he wanted me to open my mouth for his slippery feathery-soft foreskin to glide between my lips, Id open my mouth to wrap my lips around his boyworm as he wiggled it inside my horny and curious mouth, and Id say: AHhhhhh!-..Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug...Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug..."Mmrphhh mmrfrm fmmrrf mrphhh mmrfrm fmmrrf!"Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug...And slobberd all over his naked balls as I was licking them. He sucked my cock too. Then we got other boys and my female cousin Amanda to get naked in my room, and in the woods after school and we'd suck cock and lick her pussy, and watch her sqaut and piss in front of us. 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Transsexual: 40y (Brazil) 1.6M visits

202 videos - 5 photos

Meu pix 041995576570 Sou transexual ativa e passiva adoro um sexo em grupo vários homens e eu juntinho dando e recebendo prazer não curto CDs E mulheres sadomasoquismo e sexo sujo também fora de cojitacao informações no zap 041995576570 não faço sexcam zap apenas para informações do atendimento se te intwrressa bora la fazer uma real ?

Ts Chocolate

Transsexual: 26y (USA) 1.4k visits

5 videos

Elektra Fans Site

Transsexual: 22y (Colombia) 24.7k visits

9 videos - 5 photos



Transsexual: 26y (USA) 3k visits

Hope in the future to be a trans porn star⭐️??Just began my transition and hopefully can use this to help fund it. I believe I’ve done a great job with the two months I’ve had. Still very new to everything sexual an I’m learning.. So many things i haven’t done and looking forward to checking that off. Live in Midwest of the great USA so if any would like to get together to make a video lmk or if you got an idea.

Tila La Loca

Transsexual: / 103.8k visits

1 video

I wanted to personally welcome you into my private world and give you a tour of who I really am, so let me introduce myself: I am a 23 year old shemale, and very proud of it! I know I am different, and I love being so; and I express that through my sex life. And what a sex life that is! I get fucked left and right, up and down every day of my life and sometimes by more than one cock. What can I say? I love having sex :)


Transsexual: 50y (USA) 8.4k visits

76 favs - 18 photos

interested in chat (voice & video) Bi,Gays,women,transsexual,transvestite are all welcome to add me on skype. Skype : benihaharuyuki

Nina Nievez

Transsexual: 25y (USA) 535.7k visits

8 videos - 1 fav - 3 photos

These are all my official social media links Facebook:NinaNievez Sc:ninanievez www.onlyfans.con/ninanievez My lease is almost up, if you like my content and can live, hustle, Fuck, love, breed me 24/7/365 hmu on onlyfans I can move for the right guy, single for a limited time. First come first serve


Transsexual: 26y (Spain)

2 videos

Ana Mancini

Transsexual: 37y (Argentina) 2.4M visits

33 videos

Hi! My name is Ana Mancini, and I am a blonde tranny with sparkling green eyes and a youthful complexion. I have a completely smooth body, soft skin and no tattoos or piercings, with long nicely toned legs and a totally flat tummy. I weigh 135 lbs. I have a very soft and feminine 36DD-22-40 figure. I'm very classy and drop dead gorgeous from head to toe. I am 8.5 inches cut, fully functional that rises to the occasion. With exotic sizzling looks and a body of a Goddess... My tan, toned, tantalizing body will bring you to your knees.


Transsexual: 27y (Mexico) 12k visits

5 videos - 5 photos

I’m a trans woman, LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO SPOIL ME, busco SUGAR tip me pay pal: muniiekiithalol @ g mail . Com Sugar Daddy or just tips. kik @monseoffi

Zuzu Pasiva Olivos

Transsexual: 27y (Peru) 122.5k visits

28 videos - 40 photos

Pasiva de los olivos ... algun machito cono norte todo x whatssap 975346948 Skype: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Transsexual: 33y (USA) 5.6k visits

9 photos

Trying to become the woman I really am I am going to be a home show girl and be a little video slut


Transsexual: 54y (USA) 48.6k visits

4 videos - 540 favs - 53 photos

Yeah I'm a narcissistic alcoholic junkie kinky slut nympho photo whore....that's what makes me well me.... An because I'M DIXIE DAMN IT!!!!


Transsexual: 22y (Brazil) 13.3k visits

10 videos - 6 photos

Jakob Jax

Transsexual: 30y (USA) 120.6k visits

83 videos - 30 favs - 117 photos Amateur porn production company located in the Mile High City Denver,Colorado! Just some friends and some shitty video equipment! Having fun and getting cum! Twitter: @SuxLexi Snap: @lexxxisux Instagram: @lexisuxofficial interested in doing content? email


Transsexual: 52y (USA) 7k visits

Im a girl trying to be on top of the world, it's hard to live a double life it's hard enough when the world judges you but when your own family are ashamed , that puts me out of the circle. but that's cool I can deal with that tough but only the tuff can survive. Im from H.B. California all my life. I the outdoors I love doing outdoor things. I like to hike ski snowboard racquetball take walks on the beach and I love animals

Stephane Lira

Model / Channel

49 videos

Olá meus queridos, Vocês me encontra nessas rede sociais twtter:@stephanelira013 Instagram: stephaneliraoficial Para ver todos meus videos completos assinem: Meu site aceita Boletos


Transsexual: 43y (USA) 69.3k visits

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hello hi my name is Stacy, I am a pre-op tranny. enjoy and wide variety of kinky dirty sex, I am in largo fl. looking to have sex with both genders. so if your interested let me know. I enjoy sex without condoms. golden showers, so much more.


Transsexual: 41y (USA) 30.4k visits

3 videos - 80 favs - 135 photos

im looking for friendship and romance


Transsexual: 24y (USA) 2.3k visits

2 videos - 4 photos

I'm 24 years old I'm a freak im also female to male born a female transitioning to male. Still got pussy and tits and I love both dick and pussy. Anything else you wanna know just message me.


Transsexual: 22y (Russia) 19.9k visits

6 videos


Transsexual: 31y (Spain) 36.5k visits

19 videos

Soy Maddy, una chica transexual y me encanta mucho el sexo; ven y acompañame en mis aventuras un tanto cachondas. nwn Si te suscribes te amaré por siempre :3


Man: 30y (Ecuador) 11k visits

5 videos


Transsexual: 28y (Mexico) 23.1k visits

3 videos - 40 photos


Transsexual: 51y (United Kingdom) 175.9k visits

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Filming my latest video in south eastern Northumberland on 7th March lunchtime called karenbabes tranny cumwalk. Need men to deposit on my face. No charge just free bj. Email if interested quoting xvideo filming xx I'm pre op trans woman escort from Newcastle uk I love sex and exploring new pleasures I will try anything ... At least twice!! Xx Book me for homemade videos and parties. I will fuck and swallow every last drop. Tie me up and have me. I am a convincing natural woman with a small clean cock and a very wicked side xx


Transsexual: 28y (India) 79.3k visits

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നീ എന്റെ തുടകൾ തൊടുമ്പോൾ, എന്റെ സുന്ദരമായ കാലുകൾ തുറക്കുമ്പോൾ, ഞാൻ നാണിച്ചു പോകുന്ന ആ നിമിശം, നീ എന്റെ മുലകൾ നക്കുമ്പോൾ ഉള്ള സുഖം, അതൊന്നു വേറെയാ... #all my Pics and Videos are real! yeah its me! let me know if you like it and need more! You need a dirtychat in malayalam? chat me! LOVE n KISSES


Gay man: 49y (USA) 58.2k visits

8 videos - 4 favs

I am a person that is always looking for those that want and need a black daddy. Not a sugar daddy but one that is looking for subs to own and BabyAde ® to give in every hole. If you're good enough maybe you can come to a gangbang class and coming soon to a class in a real life University.

Femboy Dina

Transsexual: 23y (Venus)

2 videos - 12 photos

Princess Zainab

Transsexual: 25y (The Moon) 4k visits

9 videos

just another bored tranny housewife who likes strangers getting off to her,,,,, a nylon passion, a stockings adoration, a foot fascination explore the distant stars of my illustrious body in the search of new holes to play with cooker of souls and perfect rice peek into my world, let my thighs seduce you, be my number one fan


Transsexual: 25y (Colombia) 9.8k visits

6 videos

Patty Mkv

Transsexual: 23y (USA) 39.7k visits

3 videos - 30 photos

I am Patty and I like to show my A$$! I love tribute pictures to my pics and vids My chat doesn't work! Leave messages on the comment section or on my vids! <3


Transsexual: 47y (Uruguay) 35.5k visits

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chubby crossdresser, loved golden shower, spit on me,


Transsexual: 34y (Ecuador) 44k visits

4 videos - 7 photos

Holaaaaa soy trans muy dulce pasiva y complaciente ando buscando un hombre para hacer un videito xxx avisen chau


Transsexual: (India) 3.1k visits

25 videos - 7 photos

Hi I m hot Indian cd looking for top groups who paid me for porn shoot

Byanca Trindade

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Olá mim chamo byanca no momento não estou atendendo por conta da pidemia mais que fazer uma chamada de vidio via deposito ou traferencia bancária meus amores, meu nome é Byanca trindade e sou uma transex de 27 anos, 1,78 de altura, mulata de cabelos pretos, lisos e longos, tenho um dote de 20 cm, grosso e veiudo, com bastante gozo para da para vocês, seios grandes, coxas grossas, bumbum enorme e um cuzinho gostoso e apertado.. Sou ativa e passiva, bem liberal, sem restrição e sem frescuras, faço de tudo, deixo você à vontade, dou beijos na boca, beijo negro, tenho experiência com iniciantes, realizo fetiches, não gosto de frescuras então saiba o que realmente quer e tenho certeza que sairá bem satisfeito. Atendo em hotel e motel lembrando que aceito cartão de crédito e débito de todas as bandeiras. Para mais informações é só me contatar no meu celular no número 94 984252523 que estarei disponível todos os dias para te conhecer e dar prazer, beijos.


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Barbara Saad

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Me chamo Bárbara Saad, acompanhante em São Paulo Loirinha e toda rosinha, tatuada e bem safada Logo postarei vídeos aqui, então se inscrevam aqui pra não perder nada. Garanto que vão gostar Contato pela DM do Twitter Mais uma revelação da: TransBrazil

Emma River

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oi amores mim sigam nas redes sociais instagram ts_danisantos twitter @ts_danisantos. CONTATO PROFISSIONAL (83) 9613-7309 atualmente em SP.


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Brenna Brewer

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I am a Cross-dresser who loves taking pics and filming myself having fun, and would love to meet others who are similar. when i'm on, im always open for chats....if you just say "hey" with no context or intro, you will not be answered..... i'm always curious about others interests, fascinations, and infatuations.... Me personally, i love being Dom for guys(untill i crave it so much i don't just give it to me) but sub with girls/ my gurls!!

Juicylips 69

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It's yo girl JuicyLips from the Chi one of the Best throaters n my city. Get Intune? #Juicyworld?? #tstamika follow my IG @yo_new_fav Also on Back page I'm Juicylips?


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Kira Theladyshark

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Kira Diamond a/k/a The Ladyshark Italian t-girl based in Holland. Escort, porn actress, Fetish performer, suicide-tgirl-model. Contact me for booking or date. Available also on


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Boneca trans, somente passiva, submissa, madura, corpo feminino e lisinho, morena clara, 1,66 m, seios pequenos e durinhos, bumbum grande, pele macia, coxas grossas, cheirosa, simpática, educada, carinhosa, culta e de excelente astral, com local. Adoro homens decididos, maduros, educados, ativos, héteros, de pegada gostosa, generosos, que valorizem uma boa companhia e saibam agradar. Amo duplas de machos para DP, gang-bang e ser muito leitada. Bem dotados, negros e casados furam a fila.


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Daddy Dirty

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Proudly embracing my dark and dirty side UKs #1 Trans Daddy New Content of Trans Girls Weekly I love to interact with my Make sure to subscribe and once subscribed, please be interactive in my page.

Simone Sanchez

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Simone Sanchez 22 aninhos, toda natural Alta, magra, toda durinha Brasileira com cidadania espanhola De Santos, SP - Brazil Assessoria & Parcerias: TransBrazil

Jackie Hammers

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YOUR FAVORITE OUTCAST, Mercenary. Retired Hero.⚔️USMC 5000cc breast Implants My only xvideos


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